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Charlottesville has a serious food scene, and the town’s brunch offerings don’t disappoint- though they can get a little crowded. Read on for some local picks that are guaranteed to fuel you up for a day out-- or an afternoon in.


1.Petit Pois

Tucked in behind the fountain in the middle of the downtown mall, you’ll find the absolute gem that is Petit Pois. Go when the weather is good (aka any non-wintry Sunday in Charlottesville) sit outside, and get a bottle of “that one French rosé in the funny shaped bottle” - they’ll know what you mean. Plus, they take reservations, indoors and out, making this is an ideal spot for out-of-towners on a tighter schedule- you won’t end up waiting for a table.

Pro tip: While their special brunch menu is only available on Sundays, their Monday through Saturday lunch menu (11-2:30) offers a Croque Monsieur and some lighter fare, so don’t discount them for a Saturday meetup.

2. Tavern & Grocery

Set in a refurbished 1820’s building that housed a true tavern, grocery, and boarding house until the 1970’s, T&G’s farm-to-table style, rustic interior, and lavish cocktail menu make it a Charlottesville favorite for a boozy brunch. Their brunch menu is short, so don’t expect a smorgasbord, but every dish is worth eating. Try the 62-degree eggs and kick off your Sunday with a Death in the Afternoon-- then come back in the evening to check out the speakeasy below the Tavern, open when the green light is on.

Unfortunately, their brunch seatings are limited to Sundays, so get a reservation- especially if you have a group.

3. Marie Bette

Hot coffee, cold bubbly, canelés, and the flakiest croissants in the city- that’s Marie Bette. The bustling, sunlit French café offers takeaway coffees and pastries from their front counter, but you’ll want to head to the back room, order a ginger-passion fruit Bellini, and feast. Seating is first come, first serve, and super limited, so save this one for your more intimate brunches.

4. Fitzroy

Two words: 1. Brunch. 2. Buffet. For four hours every Sunday, you and your friends can head to Fitzroy and bask in heavenly, all-you-can-swallow southern offerings from shrimp & grits to homestyle sausage gravy. Reservations aren’t accepted unless you have 8 or more people, so assemble the team and head downtown. With an $18 price tag and plenty of gluten-sensitive options, it’s hard for anyone to back out of this one.

5. Bizou

French name, American food, Charlottesville ambiance- that’s Bizou in a nutshell. They have the most robust brunch menu on this list, guaranteeing a good time for the pickiest eaters (yes, even that one friend doing Keto.) 20% off bubbly bottles, comfortable outdoor seating, and a prime downtown location make Bizou one of the best places in town to launch your Sunday. Like Petit Pois, they do limit their brunch menu to Sundays, but their lunch menu suits for a late Saturday brunch. 


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