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What are insiders?

We’re your guide to all things Charlottesville—from the best places to sniff, swirl, and sip with friends to how to survive a Central Virginia winter (hint: You’ll need boots, and we can help you find the perfect pair). 

If you’re a visitor, there’s no better way to learn the ins and outs of the area than to lean on our team of insiders, who’ve been indulging in all this city has to offer—work, play, and in between—for decades. And it’s paid off: Our insider gets you access to exclusive deals and discounts, which we’re happy to pass on to you, along with our curated picks for eating, drinking, shopping, and sporting. 

If you’re new here, wait for our cues. (And if you’re a local, click  here  to apply to be an insider.)

Claire Kettering

Work Hard Play Hard

Ian Dillard

Fashion, Health, and Style.


Carolyn Pifer

Exploring the intersection of wine and travel


Meryl Carlton

Insiders’ Guide insta-instigator


Olivia Branch

Seeking luxury around every corner of the city

Bekah Erkel

Branding photographer highlighting one boutique hotel and fine dining experience at a time.



Logan Hall

Keeping Cville Social

Courteney Stuart

Telling the stories you want to hear

Linnea White

Charlottesville Darling


Dickie Morris

Creating and planning bespoke weddings


Jen Fariello

Contributing award-winning photography


Ty Cooper

Award Winning Filmmaker – Creating Winning Marketing Campaigns and Enhancing the Local Cultural Landscape Through High Quality Event Promotions.