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How Well Do You Know Charlottesville?

Have you lived in Charlottesville your entire life? Maybe you attended the University of Virginia and decided to stay? Or perhaps you discovered Charlottesville for the first time while attending a wedding or on a weekend getaway and fell in love with the area? Whatever your connection to this town, there are some fun things all Charlottesville lovers should know about. Test your knowledge to see if you’re a true Charlottesville Insider!

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Which three former U.S. Presidents have homes in the Charlottesville area?

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What is the name of Charlottesville’s famed bagel bakery?

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What’s the name of the most famous burger at The White Spot?

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What are the mountains that surround Charlottesville?

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What 2007 movie was filmed in Charlottesville?

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Which internationally famous 20th century artist once lived in Charlottesville?

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Which of the following notable people did NOT attend UVA?

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Which star of the 1980s hit move The Outsiders was born in Charlottesville?

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Which celebrities have homes in or around Charlottesville?

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At what Charlottesville area vineyard were the first grapes in the United States planted?

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